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Cirro Launches Company To Bring Big Data To The Desktop

Cirro enables easy access to any type of data, on any platform, in any environment

San Francisco, CA – June 20, 2012 – Cirro today officially launched its company and announced the Cirro product suite designed to simplify total data access and exploration across heterogeneous data sources.  Using a revolutionary federated query engine, Cirro enables users to create mash up style analytics with big data and traditional data sources with little to no assistance from the IT organization.  The announcement was made at the GigaOM Structure Conference where Cirro was selected as a finalist of the GigaOM Structure LaunchPad, a competition recognizing the most promising startups in the cloud computing industry.

Big Data, More Analytic Sources

The Big Data market explosion has not only expanded the size of the data ecosystem but also increased the number of data sources for analysis.  Cirro provides a single point of entry to an organization’s data ecosystem where users can access any data, on any platform, in any environment without having to be a developer or programmer.

Cirro’s mission is to bring “big data to the desktop” to make it easy for users to explore data and create data mash-ups encompassing Hadoop, traditional relational data, and other No SQL sources without the challenges of having to determine how and where to execute queries or dealing with multiple languages and syntax.   Designed to be used by non-technical analysts, Cirro’s products are cloud based and can run on public, virtual private and on-premise cloud environments.  Cirro’s products are also available for non-cloud deployments.  The solution seamlessly integrates with existing data warehouse and in-house business intelligence/analytic investments and can also be used as a standalone departmental solution for data marts and mash-up analytics, resulting in unparalleled data accessibility enabling new insights and more informed decision-making.

Cirro is currently working with several customers on compelling projects in the Health Care, Retail, and Entertainment markets. These projects include data exploration without having to preprocess or stage data, combining unstructured survey data with customer data, and offloading historical data from data warehouses where Cirro provides seamless access to the data warehouse and Hadoop. Millennium Pharmacy Systems, Inc., a technology-enabled medication management solutions company is a beta partner with Cirro. “We are working with Cirro to gain competitive differentiation through outcomes and profitability analytics for our customers,” states Rich Scardina, CEO, Millennium Pharmacy Systems, Inc.

Additionally Cirro is in discussions on several partnership opportunities with platform vendors, OEM partners, and business intelligence vendors.  Formal partnership agreements are expected to be announced over the coming months.

Delivering Performance At Scale For Big Data

Now more than ever organizations desire easy access to the growing number of analytic data sources that inevitably exist in their data ecosystem yet generally remain unavailable for analysis beyond the platform they reside in.  Additionally, most organizations have existing investments in business intelligence and analytic tools they would prefer to leverage.  Performing analysis across multiple analytic data sources should not require the creating of new data silos.  Rather, there needs to be a way to query and integrate data across the numerous analytic data sources within an enterprise.  Cirro offers a revolutionary method that simplifies total data access by federating queries across multiple sources of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Cirro is a fresh approach to the challenge of federated processing.  Federation of query processing is about taking the processing to the data.  Cirro users do not need to concern themselves with the complexities of having to stage data, pre-process data, various operating systems, or multiple query languages.  Cirro determines where the processing of a query occurs and issues appropriate data requests to all data sources involved delivering the most efficient query execution possible.  This approach liberates users to focus on data exploration, analysis, and uncovering value in their data.

“Taking the processing to the data—including big data sources—is Cirro’s value proposition,” said William McKnight, President at McKnight Consulting Group, an information management and business consultancy specializing in business intelligence, data warehousing, and master data management.  “Cirro features a data hub for the federated query and a means of accessing that data through Excel and other traditional business intelligence tools—all with an overarching optimizer that analyzes each possible access method and chooses the best path, McKnight said.  “Whatever your choice for solving the enterprise need to access structured and unstructured data anywhere, at any time without programming assistance, it will be necessary to do so in this emerging, more complex enterprise information environment.”

The Cirro Product Suite

The Cirro product suite is comprised of three major components:

  • The Cirro Data Hub is a fabric for analytic data services that provides a single point of entry for accessing data of any type on any platform in any environment. The Cirro Data Hub delivers the best performance possible without users having to know the location or any other physical characteristics of the data they are using.
  • The Cirro Analyst for Excel delivers the power of the Cirro Data Hub engine to the desktop of typical analyst. Business analysts, data analysts, or financial analysts who know how to use an Excel function can use the Cirro Analyst for Excel to access and process big data along with any other type of data. The Cirro Analyst for Excel comes with the Cirro Function Library that contains over one hundred building block functions that are used by the Cirro Data Hub for both SQL and MapReduce processing of data. The library is also extensible and supports the publishing of customer specific functions.
  • The Cirro Multi Store provides an easily deployable data store that can be used for staging, workspace, or a data mart and includes Hadoop and a tightly integrated relational database. It provides SQL representation and functionality on an extended Hadoop/HIVE engine with an accompanying relational engine all accessible through SQL. The Cirro Multi Store is optimized for the cloud, scalable to hundreds of terabytes, quickly deployable and fault tolerant.

The Cirro Data Hub, the Cirro Analyst for Excel and the Cirro Multi Store can be scaled independently of each other to provide departmental to enterprise solutions.

Cirro has assembled a seasoned management team led by CEO Mark Theissen, most recently the worldwide data warehousing technical lead at Microsoft following the acquisition of DATAllegro where was COO and a member of the Board of Directors.

“Early market attempts to provide and manage big data access have been met with a multitude of challenges, including complexity and enterprise scalability,” Theissen said.  “Cirro is architected from the ground-up for big data scale and performance.  Cirro enables end users to access and join data of any type, on any platform, in any environment whether in a cloud or a data center, and share those results and views with an individual or across departments, all without requiring deep technical skills.”

Pricing and Availability

Cirro’s product suite has completed an extensive beta program and is available immediately.  Complete solutions start at less than $8000 per month.

About Cirro
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, CA, Cirro has developed a product suite built to enable  non-technical analysts to derive value from big data and structured data using tools already on their desktop such using today’s popular business intelligence tools.  Cirro solutions are cloud based and can run on public, virtual private and on-premise cloud environments and integrate with existing data warehouse and analytic investments.  Early funding sources include Frost Venture Partners, Miramar Ventures, Mark IV Capital and numerous angel investors.  For more information on Cirro, please visit

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