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Cirro Data Cloud Customer
CitiBank used Cirro Data Cloud to move data from multiple business unit's databases to Hadoop. Once there Cirro facilitated the joining of Hadoop with other data sources within the different Business units.
Cirro Secure Connect Customer
When you have the US military and the world’s largest wind farm operators as customers you need nothing but the highest level of data security. Cirro Secure Connect was the simplest and most cost effective way for us to secure and audit the network users hitting our databases. Cirro helped Sentient deliver a big IT data security need without the big IT complexity and cost.
Cirro Data Cloud Customer
“The Cirro-Tableau integration is a ‘game-changing’ approach to visualizing multi-structured big data and integrating it with other data sources.” Scott Moran, Director of Business Intelligence at Wild Tangent
Challenge - Analyze nightly record downloads from major retail record outlets - Analysts could not explore data sources in a timely fashion - Eliminate overhead, administration and costs of virtualization technology - No ability to join structured and unstructured data sources - Improve long-term album success with improved customer relations Results - Improved predictive analytics of record sales - Enabled data mash-ups across heterogeneous sources - Streamlined analysis of nightly record sales activity - Delivered superior marketing results to recording artists.
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