Learn How to Access Your Big Data from Any Platform

Benefits of Cirro Universal Data Network: Scaling to Meet the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Cirro Universal Data Network gives enterprises the ability to view and analyze all data quickly, bringing immediate value to Big Data.

Cirro’s scalable, cost-effective data fabric platform simplifies the mechanics of accessing, mashing up or virtualizing your data empowering users to focus on asking questions of the their data instead of figuring out how to access it.

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Modernize the Enterprise Architecture to Manage Risk Aggregation and Exposure

Trying to meet the reporting requirements of Basel II is a tipping point for financial services firms, even impacting areas such as Big Data sources. This results in enterprise-wide efforts to reevaluate data architectures.

Cirro’s UDN solution enable firms to gain value across various lines of business, different data, sources types and platforms forces enterprises to re-evaluate its IT architecture in order to respond to not only regulatory risk requirements, but also ad-hoc requests for the business.

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  • We are working with Cirro to gain competitive differentiation through outcomes and profitability analytics for our customers. Rich Scardina CEO, Millennium
    Pharmacy Systems, Inc