Cirro Data Hub

Data Federation

On-Demand Distributed Analysis

Designed & Built for Big Data
Compatible with structured,
semi-structured and unstructured data sources in the cloud or
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Real-Time Federation
Queries are dynamically optimized and executed, taking the processing to the data.
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No Semantic Layer Required
Enables ad-hoc query and exploration of all data.
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Next Generation Data Federation – Integrating a Distributed World

Cirro delivers a Next Generation Data Federation platform for analytic data services enabling the access of various data platforms and data types whether in the cloud or in the data center. The result is an easy-to-implement, highly scalable platform that helps organizations overcome one of the biggest hurdles to Big Data analysis; on-the-fly self-service data exploration and analysis across their entire data ecosystem.

  • • Leverages your investments and skills in existing BI and data visualization products
  • • Ask questions you could not ask before without waiting for IT
  • • Integrate traditional data with big data
  • • Insulate your analytics from changing data sources


About Us

Cirro is the “next generation” data federation software that enables enterprises to quickly extract unique business insight from their entire data ecosystem by facilitating the processing of queries across disparate databases and sources, without requiring a semantic layer or ETL.


What People Are Saying

"Cirro’s innovative approach to federate the processing of analytics gives decision makers new insights through on-demand analytics across any type of data from any source."

Brett MayHead of Business Development and Ventures, GE Software

“Self-service access to Big Data and integration of it with traditional data sources is one of the most significant hurdles facing analysts today. Cirro removes this barrier and makes it easy to join and visualize multi-structured data in Tableau.”

Krishna RoyAnalyst Enterprise Software, 451 Research

“The Cirro-Tableau integration is a ‘game-changing’ approach to visualizing multi-structured big data and integrating it with other data sources.”

Scott MoranDirector of Business Intelligence, Wild Tangent